• Pay Bills With a Rewards Card Step

    Stay On Top of Your Bills

    You know you’re supposed to pay your bills before they’re due, but sometimes, life gets in the way and your payment doesn’t quite make it in time. You’re not alone – according to our data, approximately 38 percent of Credit Karma members have had at least one late payment in the past seven years.* Why […]
  • Auto Insurance

    What Factors Contribute to Auto Insurance Rates?

    Everyone remembers their first car: the way it smelled, the smoothness of the steering wheel and the exhilarating rush of freedom that came with it. Amidst all of this, it can be easy to forget about the less fun aspects of owning a car, like auto insurance. However, finding coverage can be less daunting if […]
  • Student Loans

    3 Repayment Strategies for Your Student Loans

    If you took out a student loan to finance your college education, there’s no escaping the time when you’ll be required to start paying those loans back. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to financing your loans and knowing your options could save you some money. Here are three repayment strategies to […]

4 Variables That Affect Home Insurance Rates

insurance Searching for a home requires more than attending open houses and scouring through listings. If you open a mortgage, lenders will usually require you to purchase home insurance before you can make the deal official. Even if you pay for the entire home in cash and choose to add a policy later, there could be […]

Condo Owners Must Read Their Bylaws

Condo Question: I am a senior citizen and live in a condominium. The Board of Directors recommended that the balconies be repaired and then passed a special assessment. As I read the Bylaws, there should have been a special meeting called, so that the owners could discuss the need for repairing balconies, and then vote. Our […]

Five Ways To Lower Your Mortgage Payment

Five Ways To Lower Your Mortgage Payment There are two kinds of homebuyers: those for whom the sales price is the main consideration, and those who are mostly concerned with what it will cost them per month. If you’ve already bought a house, there isn’t anything you can do about the sales price. But there may be ways to lower what you […]